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About Me

“About Me”…? Hmm, not much to say. I collected cards as a kid growing up in the last half of the ’80s, in the days when we all thought our Dwight Gooden, Roger Clemens, and Don Mattingly rookies were going to be worth a fortune by now. Well, that didn’t happen, obviously, and probably like most of us, when I got to high school I stopped collecting and became interested in other things, and sold off a lot of the best parts of my collection for quick cash. (In hindsight: oops!) I finally got the interest back a couple of years ago, and decided to concentrate on vintage cards this time around (which are so much easier obtained now, with the internet, than they were 25 years ago). I began working on a 1965 Topps set, and now with the finish line of that one sort of in sight, have decided to tackle one of my other favorite classics: 1962.

I’ve lived in New England for most of my life, and am a die-hard Red Sox fan.

– Daniel

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